DoGood is my master thesis project which I did at the Urban Informatics Research Lab at QUT Brisbane. DoGood is a gamified mobile app to promote civic engagement.


My master thesis aimed to answer the question how gamification can be used in interaction design to motivate engagement around civic activities. DoGood was created as a prototypical app which was then tested in a five-weeks-long user study with residents of Brisbane. DoGood was envisioned and designed by me from the ground up through an iterative design process, involving scenario sketching and prototypes at different stages of fidelity.

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I used the Meteor Framework and its integration with the Cordova project to create DoGood as a hybrid mobile app which runs the same codebase on iOS and Android. DoGood uses Meteor in the frontend and the backend. Multiple cordova plugins are used in DoGood to include features such as push-notifications and geo-fencing in the app.