Hover-Touch Oven

The Hover-Touch Oven is a prototype for touchless interaction with the oven in your home. The concept was created in a Design Workshop course for Neff.


The Hover-Touch oven enables the user to interact with the oven without actually touching it. Sensors in the handle of the oven detect fingers placed in front of the ovens glass door. All the information is placed on the side of the glass door. The icons for temperature, mode etc. are visual information and input at the same time. Hence the need for an extra input above the oven is eliminated. The bigger display area compared to traditional ovens also enables more visual cues on the state of the oven. Input elements are activated when the user places a finger in front of them for a short time. Visual cues are used to symbolize the activation of a button.


The prototype for the oven was realized by using a leap motion, hidden in the handle of the prototype, and a 19-inch LCD. The Leap Motion JavaScript library, called LeapJS, was used to connect the leap to a JavaScript application which simulated the visual interface of the oven.

The project was created together with Peter Siegl as part of the Design Workshop 2 course at LMU Munich. (German blog entry)