MVGo in action

MVGo - the best public transport app for Munich. Simplicity, a focus on your favorite places and customized reminders help you on your daily commute.


MVGo is a new kind of public transportation app for the iPhone. Instead of entering the same few locations over and over again it lets you quickly add your favorite places in Munich. After opening MVGo the next routes are only one tap away. A tap on your target location and you can choose one of the next possible routes from your current location to your destination.

During navigating to a destination, MVGo always shows you your next step. A focus lies on showing you how much time you have. The further steps are also only one swipe away. Depending on your settings MVGo even reminds you shortly before you have to leave your current location in order to get your chosen train. If you allow MVGo to integrate with your calendar it automatically adds routes depending on your Calendar entries.

When you want to enter new locations, MVGo helps you in multiple ways. By integrating your contacts, you can choose a contact and her adress is automatically entered. Manually entered adresses are autocompleted. Additionally, you can choose a color and icon for your favorite.

MVGo was developed in the PEM-Course of the LMU Munich in cooperation with Julia Ringler, Jacob Eckert and Janko Hofmann.