Pirate Island

Pirate Island is an HTML5 social game prototype for Facebook. It was developed in collaboration with Wooga and built around the feature of realtime interaction between players. My main tasks included the development of the game and the creation of marketing material like posters.


Pirate Island was a project in the MPD (Managing Product Development) course at CDTM in Munich. As a team of four students (1 more developer and 2 business students) we were tasked to create the prototype of a social game for our industry partner, Wooga.
The project included technical and game development as well as the business part of the game. Hence a game prototype, marketing material and a business plan was created. A main focus was on including a realtime aspect in the game.
The final prototype combined a Farmville-style build-up play with the famous boardgame of Battleship. Players could attack their friends in order to raid their islands. Attacking another player intiated a game of battleship with previously built ships and cannons.

Process & Technical

The gameplay of Pirate Island was created iteratively through lots of prototyping. Lego was used as a cheap and fast prototyping method.
The backend for realtime interaction was provided by Wooga. The game itself is completely HTML5 and JavaScript based and uses the LimeJS library. Additionally, BuzzJS was used for audio.